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Best wishes to everzbodz from Veria!

I'm sittig in the Kitchen of Billy and I would like to tell you how we got from Kastoria to this place.
Mellis bike was in the service, so that we had to stay in Kastoria till thuesday,  we enjoyed the weater and the food. Every Wednesday there is a basar in the city, and we got so many fruits and vegetable for free, it was amating. Every day there came more and more people from the rainbow, and we were dancing in the park, made musik and fireshow, it was a realy beatyful time and we had much fun...We met Wresley, Mika and Leo, 3 of the people who were part of the caravan to Bulgaria, but you know, traveling is changing and so two of them rode on on there own, i wish you all the best for your journey, see you soon!
...but its allways the same, some morning we woke up and the feeling of leaving was so clear and big, that we were happy to take take mellis bike, to fix our stuff and to say good bye. Glad to be on the road on the way to Tessanoliki, were we will meet Leo and Tibo again...maybe to go on to bulgaria...we will see.
We decided to ride in the evening/night, because the days are to hot!
Next target: Neapolie.
We road about 15kms till a man stoped on the road, he didn't spoke any english or spanish, so we could talk to each other, but he wanted us to put the bikes on his pick up, cost was a realy funny person and we laughted all the way.
In Neapoly, after 10km, we left the car and sat on a bench in a park, it was dark and we didn't knew what to to. As a Family of 2 children and two woman passed, they asked if we were german and than they tolt us, that they are german, too. They are living in stuttgard and every year they are visiting there family in Neapoli to make hollydays. They brought us to a place were we slept and we got some noodle salat and bread.
In Kastoria we met a policeman who told us, that it is allowed to take the motorway with the bicycle, so we asked for the way to this street and after a little talk we went to bed and dreamed some sweet dreams.
The next day we gott up at 6 in the morning, had breakfast, fixed out stuff again and went on at about 9 in the morning, every hour it got hotter and hotter, as we arrived the mototway at about 11 we didn't knew what we were going to do...
the sun from above and the black street from below were like hell.
But one hour later we arrived an exit, and stopped under the first tree, we fell down and promissed ourselves never to take the motorway at the day again!
We went a few meters to a little restaurant and drank icecofe, cold bear and had ice cream.
After that we went to a little lost house on the road were we cooked rice and vegetable and after that we fell to sleep untill the afternoon.
As the sun set down we started again to make 30km to Kozani.
We were talking and driving along the highway and after, it felt like 5minutes, we made the first 12 kms...
We went on and 5km more we were stopped by the security. He could not speak english so he gave me a cell phone and the guy in the other side said: hello, i would like to tell you that it ist not allowed to drive the motorway with the bicycle.
I felt like laughing, but i stood serious and explained our situation.
In the end he said, that there is no other way as to on on the motorway and leave at the next exit (were wanted to go anyway=)) The man left and i saw him laughing inside.
We started to rid, but befor we mad 10meters we were stoped again, Police.
The Police told us the same, and to get sure, that he told me the right things he also gave me his cellphone, to talk with his wife.
In the end they decided to follow us to the next exid (8km!!!) Thease 8km were very heavey 'cause wee feld a little hounted,but again, we made it!
We arrived a villige 3 km befor Konzani and stood in front of a "night bar" called "buergermeister",a car stopped next to us and the guy, called akki, asked if we were german. He invited us to drink a beer and we sat and talked 2 hours in the bar, untill we were very tired.
We slept in an emty house and in the mornig we got ice cofe, tea and sandwitches!Thank you akki from nuernberg!
....Next time i will go on!!
bye bye,

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