Mittwoch, 14. August 2013


free food in kastoria

rainbowfamily in kastoria

lake of kastoria

melli (honig) and me

this is my bike!!
we cooked and enjoyed the delicious food!!!

So...i will go on, in the mornig we decided to go to kazani to have a shower and to have a lock for a train or a bus to get to veria, because the way would had been to heavy for us...
we arrived the city and asked for fruits in a store, so we got breakfast. after that we searched a hotel where we got a shower. defenetly the best shower ever! 
lili the dog. she protects us:)
right after the first shower in konzani, we felt white, clean and fresh

...same same

we took the bus from konzani to veria...the busdriver was realz confused as he saw our stuff, but he carried everzthing in the bus and at the end he was laughing, so everything ist okay :P

dinner in the city

with lovely guest

veria at night
In Veria we seareched for a place to stay for the night, but we didn't find anything, so we decided to go to the centre and have dinner. after 3 minutes we met billy and he invided us to stay in his house, we had a verz nice evenig together and after a bottle of vine, a very long talk about live, dreams and ways of live we went to his home and slept in a bed!!! (first time since weeks)
the next day we had breakfast, internet and all we needed.
at the evening we left in the rain, with new stuff!
(the rain stopped very soon)

while riding after the rain

i'm learning to play ukulele, everytime, everywere, everyhow

beatuful friends we met in veria, thank you two! for everything, stay as you are! we wish you all the best!

just behind the city we were stopped to have a dring, and they gave us all we needed(and much more) so thank you and good luck for the future!    Arapi=love

...okay, the night we arrived alexandria and asked the police for a place to stay, because we knew that this town was not we slept in the garden of a mini hospital.
we had to leave  at 7 in the mornig, so we got up early and drove on to a small village called pilato were we bought brakefast.
we went on and after 12km at all we arrived a river were we rested the rest of the day, at the evening we wanted to start, but a women in a restaurant wantet us to stay for a greek salat, meat and bread, so we had dinner again and stared about 22o'c...
this night i didn't felt verry well, so that we stopped after 15km and camped next to a river, the moskitos were horrible, but i was so tired, that i just slept...

in the mornig we got up with the heat of the sun und drove on to a town right before tessanoliki (30km at 38C...don't know how we made that...)
we found a place in a small park and stayed the day...
we met many people and nearly everyone gave us prensentd like cofe, juice, water melone and so on.
On very nice women invited us to her house, were we had a shower, hot soup, cookies and a friendy talk!

In the evening her daughter, theodora, took her bicycle to come with us to tessanoliki, one hour later we arrived the white tower!
after 10minutres we met the first rainbowbrother and one hour later i crossed a road to search for a toilet, when i heard someone saying :hello sister!
i turned and saw a van full of friends!
what a night!



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