Montag, 26. August 2013

Tessanoliki is behind and i am on a beach in ierissos.
we stayed 2 days in tessanoliki and when we left we just drove 7km, till we realiezed, that we were to tiered to go on, we asked in a hotel for the price and when we heared that we shall pay 30euro each person, we said thank you, but no.
a man who sat in front of the building went to the woman and gave her 40euro, and said we shall come in and get everything we need.
we didn't knew what happend to us, but we went to our room and had a beautyful night of silence.
the next morning we had to leave at 12 and we met giannes, he wanted to join us for a few km, these few kms turned to 30kms through the hot sun.
at the night we stood the first night on the beach. it was very windy and at night we were waked up by thunder.
around 17 in the afternoon melli and me left again and very soon her tube broke, so we fixed it and after that it broke again..always the back one.



fullmoon party

melli (and me)

and the dog lili

on the bicycle


at night (from the full moon beach bar, we met the owner and helped him to organize some stuff and had a very nice evening(night...) with much tsiporo )

our lift from pirgadikia to panagia

on top, this is the best place if you go up a mountain, you know, that you made it, that you reached the highest point, even if you thought you will never make it, and than, than you can just enjoy your way down, the wind and the nature

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