Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Indien. Goa um genau zu sein, die bilder heut sind sehr durchnander, aber man sehe, wir suchen uns schon schoene plaetze in der touribucht von palolem beach


alles ist voller adlern, wow

bitte laecheln!
ja, philipp and me arrived goa after 2 weeks in india. we had 3 hours flight, 19hours in dubai at the airport, sometimes it seems like we lost our souls there...and again 3 hours flight.
we arrived in hyderabad and had a cocuhcsurfing contact, he was waiting for us, till 4:30 in the morning.goof guy!

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

i will get brown again! i missed the sun! 

this picture was made in tekirdag, where we spent one week arrounf christmas in tamers house again, many thing happend, but all in all we had a good time!
thanks to tamer for everything!

fire, sacred fire, burn me trough the night come to me in the dreamtime bring me vision of live. 

so, back in india, our first ride with the auto, ritscha, tuctuc...how ever!

our friend!sean, he helped us to start our trip in india, visited some places in hz\yderabad with us and beeked our train ticket to chennai with us...

ah, yes and we started the new year togehter

can me make a picture please!
in this time they asekd... here in goa they just take pictures of the girls on the beach

mmmhhmmm, lecker!

pondicherry....crazy place, auroville...even more crazy! 

we came from hyderabad to chennai, 14 hours train. from chennai at the same day 3 hours bus to ponticherry, 2 nights in a guesthouse than me went to auroville, we hoped it would be more calm and beautyful, but it felt like a lie to stay there and to say i'm in india. its more like eurovlle...

but than there was goa, the arabian sea and sun!

tomorrow we leaf and go to another beach in goa...we wil sea what time will bring.

again istanbul, winter time and snow!

long time ago, we arrived in turkey

we found melike, a turkish cangal mix. julia took her!

friendli\y people who helped us a lot in makara where we stopped  because melli had an accident.

...but she is well, since a long time!

they let us sleep in there hous for a night, we ate together and laught a lot

kumbag! good city, here we stayed in the house of kenan, he has guest houses for the summer and liked us, so we could stay for free as long as we wanted, he was like our grand fatehr for all of us!thank you kenan!

tamer. we met him in tekirdag and he invited us to his birthday party. the beginning of a long and interesting storry!

rose yam

first night in istanbul

i love you!
this girl went back to swiss...isnt this crazy?! hope to see you soon!
u are always with me

cycling circus, 2weels 4 change!

one day in asian side of istanbul

my bike goes on!

julis bike arrived, finaly!



back in india...


masala curry tandoori chapati roti naan biriyani uiuiuiui 
he made art

i made art

we are art

art art artet aus