Sonntag, 3. November 2013

heute mal auf deutsch eın paar worte.
das bılderhochladen macht keınen spass da es so lange dauert und nıchts so klappt wıe ıchs mır wuensche.

daher eın...ıch denk an euch alle!
mır geht es gut und ıch habe vor eınıgen tagen dıe grenze der tuerkeı ueberqueert und bın jetzt gluecklıch ın eınem kleınen tourıstendorfö dass fast vollkommen ausgestorben ıst.
wır haben hıer am ersten abend eınen mann kennengelerntö der 50 jahre ın hamburg auf eınem schıff gearbeıtet hat und frachter fuhrç bıs nach ındıenç er sprıcht deutsch und hat jetzt mıt seıner frauç beıde sınd um dıe 70jahre altö eıne kleıne pansıon und vermıetet ım sommer zımmer...da jetzt keıne saıson ıst und er uns so unglaublıch lıeb gewonnen hatö duerfen wır nun schon seıd eınıgen tagen umsonst beı ıhenen ın eıenr der ferıenwohnungen leben.
mellı und fabu sınd heute mıttag abgereıst und weıter rıchtung schwarzes meer geradelt, julıa udn ıch sınd noch hıer geblıeben und nehmen uns noch 2 bıs 3 tage bıs wır ıhnen nachtrampen...mıt unseren raedernç dann werden wır noch eın paar tage ın der am meer verbrıngen und langsam aber sıcher rıchtung ıstanbul starten.
dort verkaufe ıch dann meıne fahrrad und mach mıch reıse fertıg zum weıtertrampen=)
wır werden sehen was kommt.
ansonsten ıst alles wıe ımmer:jeden tag neu!
ıch gruesse und drueck euch

alexandroupolıs beı regen

Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

today i just want to show you some pictures and tell you were we are, and what we are doing, this beautyful countryside is on the beach of pirgadigia, again, you saw it before, didn't you?

we tried to explain that we want to go by hitch hiking from pirgadikia to ieressos....i told you, we got a ride for 10km and went the rest by bike=)

tiered dog

this is wasso, the nice woman from tessanoliki who finaly took, the bikes and lili in her CAR 50km from ieressos to stavros and got her sleeping outside on the ground experence, thank you=)

follow the rain

we reaches kavala and left the bikes near a supermarekd, we went trough the city and thought about leaving or staying the night, finaliy i stood next to my bike, crying and out of order. it was about 38degres and the noises of the city made my head feel like empty, so we left. the next day we sat the hole day in this park, playing uno and trzing to forget the kavala-experence

...oh yes, and taking pictures

and washing clothes

the following way was very beautyful, we left the beach and the sea and reached rivers and beautyful forests.

and than there was this amazing thunder!

this picture was made only 10 minutes before we were wet like the river itself...refreshed we arrived xanthi and we liked it!

we had a couch at a chouchsurfers home, we watched 'die welle' and ' arielle' and left at the next afternoon, happy and cleaned. after 6km we stoped for buying coke and got an invitation for cofe, this grows to an invitation for dinner and finaly we found ourselfes in the garden of the second house of this family and spend the night at xantis old town festival

dancing and enjoying sweet raggae music

and many many people!!!

but once you have to leave=) and this time we reached a town 10 km befor komotini, were we met a german girl whoms family invited us to stay in there house. the girl was working and the newpapers of komotini and wrote an article about us and our jurney.

last stop befor alexandroupolis. this openminded kids just jumped on our bikes, while riding and wanted to touch and to try everything... in alexandroupolis we found a couch at someones home and had a beautyful time together with her and her dog, we got delicious food and went ourt for having a tsiporon

finaly we sat on the ferry to samothrakis, and we didn't knew anything about what we will see, feel or do the next 3 weeks

the island

the port

ok, i start with the beginning, we left the ferry, i saw a girl, i said:she looks like julia....for fun i shouted :juliaaaa!! and this girl just turned around and shouted as loud as 100 men, woooow, jesss, melli, you are here...the was about to leave the island and we spend the night togehter on the beach, the next morning she woke up and said:girls i will come wth you!

now you can get one just if you take all 3(5, because she also has a dog, called kyron!)


fonias waterfall no 3

high 5 dog

our camp and our work (dreamcatchers)

in chora, the capital


the end of the road :pahia ammos
samothraki hotel >> Samothraki island Hotels Greece

we rent a scooter and i felt more safty with this head

the path was to heavy for going with 3 we had to walk

you can see turkey

do you?

on the way from therma to gria watia

gria watia

and melike mirco from berlin

arne from kiel

end of mellis pictures and again, mine
we start again at xantis old town festival

the little babycats of the german family

our host in alexandroupolis

our ferry with matieu dancing on its strings...or rows...i dont know

julia making 'knoedel'!!!

i went for 2 days in the mountains to spent a time on my own

the place around the tower of fonias, we camped there for 4 days

fonias waterfall no 1

julias first dread


at work

driving without bags!!!

the bike fits her, doesn't it?


lunch paket

dont forgert the brush your teeths at night

jonanna-ede from berlin with funja....they, he and melice-mirco, found her an the waterfall and took her, but the owner came 4 days later and took her back

mellis birthday evening

happy birthday 12 o'clock


this plant kills our tubes!!!

therma city

hot springs

our newest member, he and his sister, sam and chora, are with us now!!!!